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Study for the Spring Concert?

In case you missed it, D.R.A.M. and Cousin Stizz will be rounding out the academic year for Salem State University… quite literally. They’ll be treating us to a rockin’ spring concert on the last day of classes Wednesday, May 3 at 7:30PM in the Twohig Gym. We all may know D.R.A.M. from his hit song with Lil Yachty “Broccoli” that broke out near the beginning of this school year. We’ll be reminiscing on the end of last summer with the beginning of this one. We know he knows his vegetables… but what do we really know about him? Here are a few fun facts about each artist.

Cousin Stizz


1. He did a song with the up-and-coming rapper Kyle called “Want me Bad”:

2. He’s from Boston!

3. His debut project  was called “Suffolk County” and was released June 2015.

4. He’s currently on tour with Kyle, the artist he did the song “Want Me Bad” with.

5. He has 437,428 monthly listeners on Spotify.



  1. D.R.A.M. stands for “Does Real A** Music”.
  2. Another meaning for “dram”, with no periods means a small drink of alcohol or spirits.
  3. His birth name is Shelley Marshaun Massenburg-Smith.
  4. He was born in Germany and was raised in Hampton, Virginia.
  5. He has appeared on songs and albums with Chance the Rapper, Rem Bank, Elle Varner and more.

Haven’t scored tickets yet? Grab them here. See you then!


Five Crazy Experiences You Could Have As A Student Leader #FindYourAdventure

We’ve ranted and raved about the multitude of benefits of being a student leader and/or getting involved in a student organization on this blog. However, in case you forgot, the leadership, team building, time management, event planning and creativity skills you gain from being in a student organization are not only great resume builder but they are ones you will carry with you long into your life after graduation. Not to mention all the friends you will meet. However, this blog post isn’t just to bore you with stuff you (hopefully) already know, it’s to show you all the fun you could be having!

Our student leaders have some pretty fun experiences they could only have as student leaders. Whether your cup of tea is political lobbying, campfires, or staying in swanky hotels, there’s something for everyone. Join a student organization not only to find professional experience and friends, but to find your adventure! Below are five awesome experiences you could have if you were a student leader.

SSU at State House Day


SGA Retreat


Women’s Center Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington, DC


PRSSA National Conference – Philadelphia, Washington DC, or Atlanta


Fun activities like becoming a hamster for a day!


Find your adventure with student involvement! Interested in being a student leader? Your favorite group or club should be running elections very soon. Contact them for more information. If you’re interested in getting involved in SGA, tweet them at @SGASSU!

5 Awesome Rave Pictures To Get You Excited for #CohesionTour

This weekend will be a weekend full of fun between The Cohesion Tour coming to SSU, and the Superbowl, of course. It will be exciting in a dancing aspect, and a competition aspect. Hopefully the adrenaline from Friday will flow over onto our excitement on Sunday. The Patriots are preparing for the big day in Arizona, while at SSU we’re here preparing for the Cohesion Tour!

I’m sure everyone has goals of what awesome pictures they want to post on instagram from the Rave. Here are five pictures to inspire what awesome moment you want to capture on Friday:


The lights flashing, dozens of colors, loud music, and streamers falling. What fun features do you imagine Groove Boston has planned for us Friday night?


Do you have any cool dance moved prepared to show off?


What glow-in-the-dark tricks do you have planned?


Any light tricks up your sleeve?


Is music an escape for you? Are you happiest on the dance floor?

Don’t miss the COHESION TOUR this Friday, January 30 10pm – 1am in the Gassett Fitness Center. Tickets can be purchased in the Ellison Campus center room 217. $5 SSU students, $7 General Admission, $10 at the door.