Five Crazy Experiences You Could Have As A Student Leader #FindYourAdventure

We’ve ranted and raved about the multitude of benefits of being a student leader and/or getting involved in a student organization on this blog. However, in case you forgot, the leadership, team building, time management, event planning and creativity skills you gain from being in a student organization are not only great resume builder but they are ones you will carry with you long into your life after graduation. Not to mention all the friends you will meet. However, this blog post isn’t just to bore you with stuff you (hopefully) already know, it’s to show you all the fun you could be having!

Our student leaders have some pretty fun experiences they could only have as student leaders. Whether your cup of tea is political lobbying, campfires, or staying in swanky hotels, there’s something for everyone. Join a student organization not only to find professional experience and friends, but to find your adventure! Below are five awesome experiences you could have if you were a student leader.

SSU at State House Day


SGA Retreat


Women’s Center Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington, DC


PRSSA National Conference – Philadelphia, Washington DC, or Atlanta


Fun activities like becoming a hamster for a day!


Find your adventure with student involvement! Interested in being a student leader? Your favorite group or club should be running elections very soon. Contact them for more information. If you’re interested in getting involved in SGA, tweet them at @SGASSU!


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