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#VikingValentine ideas

Some people love to be conventional and cheesy on Valentines Day. For those non-conformists that a bouquet of flowers and a dinner date will not satisfy, there are non-conventional ways. And, for those who are broke college kids and can’t drive anywhere cool, there are on-campus ways of celebrating! Either way, these options will help you choose a way to celebrate with your #VikingValentine.

Non-conventional Ways

1. Cook a heart-shaped pizza together.


What language is better than the language of love? The language of pizza.

2. Watch the Walking Dead premiere.


The season six premiere of this hit show is on Sunday; nothing beats a low-key Valentine’s Day snuggled up on the couch.

3. Make a creative gift for them


Turn a deck of cards into 52 things you love about them!

If you’re more the conventional type, here are some restaurants that would be a good Valentine’s Day spot around the North Shore. Book your reservations now!

  1. Temezcal
  2. Yard House
  3. Besito. 
  4. Kings
  5. Gulu Gulu
  6. Sylan Street Grille
  7. Tokyo

On Campus?

TREAT your #VikingValentine!

Dunkins has fudge-filled croissant donuts and heart-shaped donuts available!


Bring your #VikingValentine to our cozy Starbucks on campus!Ca4ZeftW0AAyIO9.jpg

Take a nature walk to either Forest River Park or on the Marblehead Rail Trail. Enjoy the sights of snow-covered nature!