How Big Will Your Dot Be?

What a wonderful weekend of growing our student leadership skills. Andrew Jenks taught us that no is a starting point, Michael Miller taught us team building skills, and various breakout sessions enforced the social change model, discussed in a blog post last year.


The social change model uses the 7 C’s: citizenship, consciousness of self, congruence, commitment, collaboration, common purpose, and controversy with civility, to bring out social change. Student leaders were given these skills to implement in their programming to ensure a common theme of social change. Examples such as #BlackLivesMatter and Kylie Jenner’s #IAmMoreThan campaign were shown to see how simple steps can be taken in the direction of civic engagement.

The world can be changed with one simple step. As student leaders, you can put on a massive campaign, or hold one small event. Every step counts. Just like in the video below, one small dot can make a different in many people’s lives. What will your dot be?

What is one thing your group or club will do to envoke social change? Take our survey here.


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