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Crafting the perfect transition packet

The success of a student organization in an academic year heavily relies on the transition between old and new e-board members. A transition can be different for every organization, however, it is vital that one occurs to begin with. Some students have different traditions such as  old and new e-board dinners, retreats, contracts, meetings, and transition packets. Today, we will be highlighting the importance of one of the transition methods: transition packets. These are packets  distributed from an old e-board member to the new one, including all of the important information regarding each position.


Think of it as passing the baton. Picture courtesy of Wild Apricot Blog.

Luckily, every year there is an e-board transition meeting hosted by SGA. It’s only mandatory that one current e-board member be there, but all old and new members are welcome to come! They explain what being a student leader entails. They highlight the importance of attending mandatory SGA meetings, representing student leaders well, and how imperative it is to get in touch with your predecessor to talk about your new position. So, when constructing a transition packet, what exactly should be in it?


What to put in a transition packet:

1. When and where your e-board and general body meetings are

2. Passwords to any social media accounts you have

3. Chapter information

If you’re a chapter of a greater organization, put any information regarding that. What is the greater organization? What’s their contact information? How do dues work? Do they have national conferences?

4. Role-specific information

What exactly does the person in role they’re entering do? What are their responsibilities? Who do they report to?

5. Attendance information

What’s the policy of attendance for e-board members? Who do you tell if you can’t make it? What are the consequences of missed meetings/events?

6. SGA Information

How many SGA meetings are there this year? What do they usually cover? Also, include that if your organization is not represented your budget will be cut 5%. Who is the current SGA e-board and how do you contact them? How do you go about reserving rooms, making flyers, depositing funds, etc?

7. Contracts and constitution

Do you have e-board member contracts that bind them to their responsibilities? If they do not have a copy of the constitution already, please attach a copy of it in there, too.


Transitioning can be complicated, but creating a plan is essential to keeping a successful student organization running smoothly! Be sure to open the lines of communication between your old e-board and the new. We can’t wait to see what the new year will bring!



Find the Entrepreneurial Spirit


Do you know any entrepreneurs? What do they have in common? Common words to describe entrepreneurs include passion, perseverance,  hard work, and creativity. If an entrepreneur is doing it right, they love what they do. Why would you leave a stable office job and paycheck if you weren’t pursuing what you love?

Not only are entrepreneurs passionate self-starters, but they also are a very individualistic. Entrepreneurs are their own bosses for a reason. Research has shown that entrepreneurs are mainly protean career-oriented,  meaning they like to manage themselves. These protean-oriented people usually jump from job to job until they find what fuels their fire, and sometimes that means starting their own business.

As seen on Shark Tank, entrepreneurs can come in all shapes and sizes. Tonight, entrepreneurs will come in the shape and size of student organizations. Come to Alumni plaza from 5-7 to see what pitches for events by student organizations will get funded! Also, check out Roxy’s grilled cheese while you’re there. They will be serving 150 grilled cheese including tomato and cheese, bacon an avocado, pulled pork, and grilled cheese.

Five Crazy Experiences You Could Have As A Student Leader #FindYourAdventure

We’ve ranted and raved about the multitude of benefits of being a student leader and/or getting involved in a student organization on this blog. However, in case you forgot, the leadership, team building, time management, event planning and creativity skills you gain from being in a student organization are not only great resume builder but they are ones you will carry with you long into your life after graduation. Not to mention all the friends you will meet. However, this blog post isn’t just to bore you with stuff you (hopefully) already know, it’s to show you all the fun you could be having!

Our student leaders have some pretty fun experiences they could only have as student leaders. Whether your cup of tea is political lobbying, campfires, or staying in swanky hotels, there’s something for everyone. Join a student organization not only to find professional experience and friends, but to find your adventure! Below are five awesome experiences you could have if you were a student leader.

SSU at State House Day


SGA Retreat


Women’s Center Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington, DC


PRSSA National Conference – Philadelphia, Washington DC, or Atlanta


Fun activities like becoming a hamster for a day!


Find your adventure with student involvement! Interested in being a student leader? Your favorite group or club should be running elections very soon. Contact them for more information. If you’re interested in getting involved in SGA, tweet them at @SGASSU!

Make the Changes You Wish to See on Your Campus

Let your voice be heard and make a difference here at Salem State University and the experience of your college life by joining the Student Government Association!

Student Government Association represents the students on this campus in all matters that impact the student body. We also support and help all other groups and clubs.

Our Mission:


The students of Salem State, through the representatives they elect, form a workable student government, promote student justice by ensuring the rights and liberties of all students, and demonstrate professional ethics within a democratic system. SGA also provides services to students such as funding all student organizations with money collected from the student activity fee.

Read More at http://www.salemstate.edu/sga/

The Important Role of the SGA:

The Student Government Association board is a group of elected representatives of the Salem State student body.  We understand and know the needs and wants of our student body because we are students as well.  Our association is committed to serving the students and helping to solve the concerns students bring to the attention of SGA.

Ultimately, the SGA is the sole voice of the students to administration, faculty and legislators.  

Current Executive Board:

  • President:Jobita Rodriguez-Rios
  • Vice-President: Rosviny Felix
  • Treasurer: Dylan Davis
  • Secretary: Lucibele Delgado
  • Asst. Treasurer: Luis A. CorreaGarces

How to Join the SGA:

Are you a full time student? Have you actively attended 3 SGA meetings? Do you want to make a change on your campus?

Then nominate yourself to be a part of the Student Government Association Executive Board OR become an active Senator!

If interested about the position, Election Packets will be in and available on March 4th in our Student Involvement & Activities Office here on the Ellison Campus Center.

  • Reach the SGA via email at sga@salemstate.edu or by telephone at 978.542.6447. You can tune into the SGA Hour on Salem State’s own radio station, WMWM 91.7 FM on Fridays from 3-4 pm. We meet every Tuesday at 4:30 pm in the MLK Room of the Ellison Campus Center. All meetings are open, and students are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Join now and let your voice be heard!