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The Summer Escape

It’s hard to believe that the spring semester is finally over and once finals are done, summer break will officially have arrived.  Where has the time gone?


Summer break is definitely one of the most exciting times for any student.  It’s the time you get to have a mini vacation from school and concentrate more on enjoying the sunnier days.  As awesome as it is being able to spend countless hours relaxing by a beach, the summertime escape does have its flaws.  Think about it.  You’re away from school for practically three months: a lot can happen and a lot cannot happen within those three months.  While it’s important to enjoy your break and the warmer weather (because c’mon, you deserve it!), it’s also important to keep yourself proactive for when the fall semester begins.  Because let’s face it, like many great things, summer always seems to come and end in the blink of an eye.

So, how are you going to make your summer the most proactive as possible without ruining the magic of it all?  Perhaps you don’t have an internship or will be working a full-time or part-time job this summer.  What will you do then?  Besides getting an awesome and safe tan outdoors, here are some great tips to keep in mind while you’re on summer break!

1. Internships

If you didn’t get an internship this summer, no worries! There are always opportunities to work at one during the fall semester.  While you’re relaxing by the pool this summer, bring your laptop with you and start looking up potential internship opportunities for the fall semester.

2. Make Money

If you’re not interested in interning any where just yet, spend time researching summer time jobs to save up for during the fall semester.  Because let’s face it, college is expensive and it’ll be nice to have some spending money while you’re there.

3. Stay Creative

The summertime is perfect for releasing and enhancing your creativity.  Take a break from the beach and have a day trip at a local museum.  Go to a bookstore and pick up something that interest you and make it your own personal goal to finish that book (or two) throughout the summer.  You could event create a blog and start working on your writing skills.

4. Work it Out

One of the best things about summer is its effortless inspiration to make you want to work on your fitness.  Pick an active activity (or two) such as biking or hiking this summer that you can work on for at least twice a week or more.  Not only are you working out your body physically, but studies have show that daily exercise can increase brain activity as well!

5. Road Trip

This is probably one of my favorite tips to give.  College can be stressful and what better way to relieve that stress than to go on a mini getaway with friends and family on a road trip.  It doesn’t have to be anywhere far which is the beauty of road trips.  Whether you’re driving all the way to Canada or a simple day trip to Maine, the opportunity to just head out onto the open road with loved ones is always therapeutic.

6. Catch up on Sleep

Yes. The one tip you’ve all been waiting for: Sleep. We all know how little sleep a college student gets what with exams and projects to get done.  It’s important once the summer comes to get back on getting that full 8-hour sleep routine as soon as possible.  Sleeping helps to rejuvenate your thinking, creativity, and your overall being.

 So as soon as finals are over, hit the sheets and relax. Summer is finally here.

From everyone here in the Student Involvement office, have a happy and safe summer break, Vikings!

Photo Credit: Tumblr