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Student Leader Highlight: Nate Richards

This semester, we’ve started highlighting student leaders who are outstanding in their fields. Our first student leader is Nate Richards, who stands out in the Residence Life community. He has accomplished so much and shines so bright. Here’s a little more about him:


Major: English
Year: Junior
Hometown: North Andover
Involvement: I currently serve as a Resident Assistant in Viking Hall. I also serve as an executive board member of the National Residence Honorary (NRHH) as public relations chair. I’ve been apart of NRHH for about two semesters, and have served on NRHH eboard for a semester.
Favorite class: Creative writing!
Favorite Experience as a student leader: It was the beginning of this year, and everything was just about to get super busy. One of my residents, who could tell that it was a busy time for me, and the rest of the RA’s wrote me a little note thanking us for our hard work, and dedication. It’s residents like these that make being an RA so rewarding!
Favorite quote: “The ones who think they’re crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do.”

Nate was nominated by a friend who thought he was awesome! Please answer our call to highlight excellent student leaders, by filling out this form.


How To Have A Smooth Eboard Transition


It’s out with the old, and in with the new. It’s that time of year to pass the baton to a new executive board of your group/club.

First of all, congratulations on being a student leader! Leadership roles can help further any career path you choose to pursue. If you’re graduation, congratulations and good luck! If you’re stepping into a new position, we hope your new position is fun and challenging. However, the transition of leaving an old position and stepping into a new one can be a tough transition. Here are some tips to ensure that your successor can be just as successful as you were:

1. Map It Out For Them

Give the new officers a written-down guide of some sort, if you can. A face-to-face meeting is good if they take notes, however, it’s better for them to have a written resource for them to refer to, instead of them constantly asking you questions. If you can take the time to write a handbook for that position, that would be ideal. However, printing out a copy of your constitution with that includes position duties is also a way to do this.

2. Make Them Feel Welcome

A mixer event for the old and new e-board is a great way to break the ice. A group that knows each other better is more likely to be more productive. Get together with the new and old officers, whether it be a dinner, bowling, a movie, or just a get-together. Don’t have any talk of work, just have fun and get to know each other.

3. Tie Loose Ends

If there was a crisis in your club during the year, try your best to handle it before a fresh set of hands take over. It’s easier for a new e-board to be successful with a fresh start. If you can’t, maybe there’s a returning member on the e-board that knows how to handle it.

4. Be A Resource

Whether you’re graduating, or moving onto a new position or club, or just focusing on school, still be a resource to our successor. Let them know that they can contact you with any questions.

 Who’s excited for the next school year? It’s going to be a great year. What are some of your big plans?

Also, we want to hear your ideas for the new ellison campus center! Tweet us your ideas with the hashtag #ellisoncouldbe


SSU Groups Do More Than Get Social

Groups and Organizations did more than get social this year, they actively participated in social change! Social Activism was a major theme on campus this year for groups and clubs. Putting on fun events and parties are just one way that student organizations help out on campus. Giving back to the community is another! Who said living simply so others can enjoy the fun isn’t a party in itself?

According to ideas.ted.com – a blog supplement of TED talks that focuses on social change and ideas that need to be spread – we’re at a point of crisis in our country. Everyday citizens need to be more educated on the issues of today, and how to advocate for them. Those with “clout” a nowadays are the only ones that know how to do this. Basically, those with the power are making all the changes. However, Student Organizations this year worked on teaching the SSU student body about how to enact social change, by leading my example.


Student Orgs had no trouble defining social change, however here is a definition for us that need a little clarity:

Social change refers to any significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms. By “significant” alteration, sociologists mean changes yielding profound social consequences.

Ideas.ted.com advises its readers to understand five simple concepts before they go about enacting social change. Our students groups and organizations this year sure did know these five concepts this year when they did their social activist projects. They seamlessly combined fun and social change. Our students groups and organizations mastered these five concepts: Understand the system, Identify your objective, sharpen your strategy, tell a story, and practice.

After our student leaders grasped those concepts, they were ready to enact social change. However, what is an example of social change? Here is what SSU and Student leaders were up to this year:

Social Activism





Five Crazy Experiences You Could Have As A Student Leader #FindYourAdventure

We’ve ranted and raved about the multitude of benefits of being a student leader and/or getting involved in a student organization on this blog. However, in case you forgot, the leadership, team building, time management, event planning and creativity skills you gain from being in a student organization are not only great resume builder but they are ones you will carry with you long into your life after graduation. Not to mention all the friends you will meet. However, this blog post isn’t just to bore you with stuff you (hopefully) already know, it’s to show you all the fun you could be having!

Our student leaders have some pretty fun experiences they could only have as student leaders. Whether your cup of tea is political lobbying, campfires, or staying in swanky hotels, there’s something for everyone. Join a student organization not only to find professional experience and friends, but to find your adventure! Below are five awesome experiences you could have if you were a student leader.

SSU at State House Day


SGA Retreat


Women’s Center Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington, DC


PRSSA National Conference – Philadelphia, Washington DC, or Atlanta


Fun activities like becoming a hamster for a day!


Find your adventure with student involvement! Interested in being a student leader? Your favorite group or club should be running elections very soon. Contact them for more information. If you’re interested in getting involved in SGA, tweet them at @SGASSU!

An Open Letter To Snowdays

Dear Snowdays, or Snow, in General,

We do admire your fluffy white texture as it lays on the tree branches. We do admire the way that you pack into the most perfect snowman or snowball. We love the way you look with a “corncob pipe and button nose”, and especially with a top hat on. We love when you make the conditions too bad for school – however, we love this all to a point.

Although our love is like no other, sometimes, we can feel a bit smothered by your snow embrace. You’re a great weather event, however sometimes you can be a bit much. 


Don’t get us wrong, we love loud, strong personalities. But don’t you think you’re getting to be a bit much? Don’t you think giving us 28.9″ and below is a little mean? We get it, it’s winter, this is your season, blah blah. But wasn’t one storm enough? You’ve hit us with two more and another one on the way. 


At this point, we may have to break up soon. A lot of us are already contemplating picking up and moving to warmer habitats. Some of us students have classes, club meetings, and events that keep getting cancelled because of all of these Monday and Tuesday snow days. Why must you always make it all about YOU? Can’t you consider our college careers? We’re paying to get class cancelled and get assigned paper and extra assignment sin lieu of class.

Also, isn’t it a little annoying to be piling on top of where we live, drive, and park? Why must we limit our lives because you want a little bit of attention? Also, why is it up to us to move you with our hands and shovels? Why can’t you remove yourself? You’re so selfish!


So, sorry snow, but I just don’t think we can work out anymore. It’s not us, it’s you. Maybe we can stay friends.


The Students





Words Of Encouragement For Us Less-Sunny and Snowed-In

At first, everyone gets excited at the news of snow. School cancellations because of magical fluffy white stuff falling from the sky? How perfect! However, the more the snow piles up, the street space gets limited, and the parking spots get minimal, the whole idea of snow grows to be a bit less magical. Now I know why else didn’t want to build a snowman with Ana.

I could list the gripes for the snow build-up endlessly: snowed-in cars, no sidewalks, slushy walks to class, extra homework from teachers, having to shovel, etc. However, there’s been articles of southerners and westerners sending up northerners words of encouragement to help us (quite literally) trudge through this storm. With more snow on the way for Thursday through Monday, we will need these words of encouragement.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. “At least it’s not a Hurricane”


2. “Think about all the sunscreen you’re saving!”


3. On the bright side, you don’t have to be swimsuit – ready any time soon!


4. Think of all the festive instas about to come! #BlizzardForTheInsta.


5. Think of all the Netflix you’re about to watch!


6. Channel your inner Elsa!


7. I Love You, And Don’t Touch The Yellow Snow


Original Article Here:


5 Awesome Rave Pictures To Get You Excited for #CohesionTour

This weekend will be a weekend full of fun between The Cohesion Tour coming to SSU, and the Superbowl, of course. It will be exciting in a dancing aspect, and a competition aspect. Hopefully the adrenaline from Friday will flow over onto our excitement on Sunday. The Patriots are preparing for the big day in Arizona, while at SSU we’re here preparing for the Cohesion Tour!

I’m sure everyone has goals of what awesome pictures they want to post on instagram from the Rave. Here are five pictures to inspire what awesome moment you want to capture on Friday:


The lights flashing, dozens of colors, loud music, and streamers falling. What fun features do you imagine Groove Boston has planned for us Friday night?


Do you have any cool dance moved prepared to show off?


What glow-in-the-dark tricks do you have planned?


Any light tricks up your sleeve?


Is music an escape for you? Are you happiest on the dance floor?

Don’t miss the COHESION TOUR this Friday, January 30 10pm – 1am in the Gassett Fitness Center. Tickets can be purchased in the Ellison Campus center room 217. $5 SSU students, $7 General Admission, $10 at the door.