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The City of Witches

Whenever asked what university I come, I seem to always get the same response from mostly every new face that I meet:

“Oh, you’re from Salem State University, in Salem? That’s the city of witches, right? Wow. I bet Halloween is a huge deal for you guys!”

Yes. It is a known fact that Salem, MA is better known as the city of witches because of the famous witch trials that took place in 1692.  Nearly 321 years have gone by and yet the town of Salem is still known for the dark days of the witch trials.  So how do the residents of Salem and the students of Salem State University deal with this nickname that has seemed to stain the word “Salem” every time someone hears it?  Like the Vikings that we are, we explored what our city is best known for and we embraced it.  As a result, the month of October and the days leading up to Halloween has become quite the adventure for us all.
13627236-standardAs soon as the leaves begin to turn to shades of gold and red, it is clear that autumn is upon us and if you’re from Salem, you automatically know that Halloween is just around the corner.  This is the time where downtown Salem is the place to be.  The streets are flooded with people from other cities visiting the historical parts of the supposedly haunted town.  From the Salem Witch Trials Museum to the spooky tours around town, to even the cafes serving up their special Pumpkin lattes, the Halloween spirit is here as soon as that first red leaf falls to the ground.

So on this day full of terror and haunted spirits, it’s important from one Salem State student to another to always remember:

1. Parking is going to be crazier than usual so if you have an exam or an important assignment that needs to be handed in today, plan ahead and plan accordingly.  Some professors will not be so kind as to accept an “I was late because a line of people dressed as witches were causing traffic” as an excuse. Trust me, I know.
2. Be cautious of missing classes today.  Halloween isn’t really a holiday and so, classes are rarely ever canceled because of it.  And if you’re lucky enough to have an amazing professor that will cancel class today, well, on behalf of every student at Salem State who will be on campus tomorrow: we’re jealous.
3. Lastly, it’s important to remember that Halloween is not all about the chaos of traffic and praying that classes will be canceled.  It’s a day of horror, creativity, and just enjoying yourself.  And of course, free candy.  Go out and enjoy!

From all of us here at Salem State University Student Involvement and Activities, Happy Halloween!


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