Women’s History Month Impacts Salem State

During this year’s Women’s History Month, SSU is studying how women impact society. Every year, or day for that matter, is an important time to celebrate the continuing impact of women on society. This year’s Women’s History Month, however, is especially important because of the upcoming legislation regarding a women’s right to choose.

Another theme to keep in mind this women’s history month is intersectionality. Intersectionality is the concept of the intersections of our identities and how it may cause us to be affected by multiple oppressions. Under this school of thought, a woman of color may see more oppression than a white woman.

At the 10th annual Women’s Leadership Conference on Monday, March 7, the intersections of our identity as women were discussed, along with the struggles that arise because of our varying identities. Many powerful stories and examples of overcoming these struggles were discussed both by keynote speaker Jasmine Rand and the panelists.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.51.14 AM

From right to left: Sociology Senior and Beantown Society Anadarys Barragn, writer, stylist, and farmer Christi Guthrie, and ALPFA President Migdalia Diaz. Picture by Nikki Vergakes

Our keynote Jasmine Rand delivered many powerful messages through her insightful stories from fighting her way into law school, to breaking social norms, to standing up against racial inequalities. Some sage advice she left us with was:

“The best thing you can be in life is authentically you.”

“I constantly refuse to be any man’s or woman’s stereotype of who they think I should be.”

“There’s more than one way to be a woman.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.51.24 AM

Keynote Speaker: Legal Analyst and Civil Right Lawyer Jasmine Rand. picture by Nikki Vergakes

Everyone in attendance at the conference was touched mentally and emotionally by Rand and her remarks.




Guest speakers and members of the planning committee.

The following day was International Women’s Day. The Women’s Center and the International Student Association teamed up to celebrate women’s impact on a global level. There was also a panel of influential international women students. Though the fight for equality for women is far from over, the gender roles are much more strict in some countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria India, and more. They have not made as much progress as the U.S. has. The panel and guest speakers brought these issues to light.


panel of International women and a representative from the U.S. Photo by Tyler Carlton.

Women’s History Month is about celebrating the impact of all women and those who identify as so no matter their race, sexuality, or identity. Congratulations to Salem State for supporting a great movement!


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