Sexual Assault Awareness Month with the Resources of SSU


April is Sexual Assault awareness month. For years, SAAM has been a powerful movement  to not only end sexual assault, but also make victims feel more comfortable about their situation so that they are able to report it. This campaign believes that by campaigning about this subject, the stigma will dissipate.

In the 1970s, women marched in the streets of London for their right to walk alone at night. This was a predecessor to the first “Take Back The Night” event held in 1978 in San Francisco and New York. The first Sexual Assault Awareness Month occurred in 2001, and has been strong ever since.

Unfortunately, the public barely knows the effect of sexual assault because of the ill-reporting of the matter. Victims are weary to report the incidents due to fear, illness, disability, and influence of alcohol and other drugs. According to, “This is a gendered form of violence. About one in five women (18.3%) and one in 71 men (1.4%) in the U.S. have been raped at some time in their lives (Black et al., 2011).”

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HAWC is a resource in Salem. HAWC stood for “Help for Abused Women and their Children”, for 30 years, and now it stands for “Healing Abuse Working for Change.” HAWC now not helps abused women, but also the LBGTQ community, and offers diversity services. HAWC has a staff of 22 and approximately 50 helpful volunteers that serve as a resource in Salem.

Additionally, if you need help on campus about this matter, reach out to The Women’s Center, Counseling and Health Services, and Student Advocacy. These are all located in the Ellison Campus Center. If you’re interested in promoting this cause on twitter, use the hashtag #SAAM.

Salem State University and the alumni association will be participating in the HAWC Walk on Sunday, April 26, in Salem. Help spread the word to alumni, students, faculty, staff, or friends to join our team. Here is the link to join our team:



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