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Finals Inspiration as Told by Rapper Turned Snapchat Guru

Recently, DJ Kahled has stolen many hearts and inspired many people’s days over snapchat. He’s formerly known for his rap songs with phrases like  “we the best” and “another one” thrown in, however now he’s known for recording ten-second snapchat  videos of inspiration while wearing slippers that are embroidered with “another one”.

Who else to turn to for finals inspiration besides him? Here are some tips right from his videos.

1. They don’t WANT you to succeed… but you GOTTA!


DJ Khaled knows that not everyone out there is your friend. Not everyone wants you to succeed. Prove them wrong this finals season.

2. Relaxation is key


He may have a lot of bills but you have a lot of schoolwork. You may not be able to afford a massage three times a week, but take mini study break and do something that makes you happy. Take a walk, grab a frappuccino from Starbucks, watch an episode from your favorite TV show.

3. Wake up, rise up, bless up.


Every morning count your blessings (and the days you have left until winter break).

4. Keep your head on straight.


Finals can be stressful but keep it healthy so it will work on test day. Keep your head above the (jacuzzi) water.

5. Sleep when possible


Sleep can be minimal during finals week, however make sure you still get it. At least some.. please.

6. Remember the bigger picture.


At the end of the day, will you remember the ins and out of the social welfare system or that you stayed up until 4 a.m. cramming the night before the final? Will you remember how to create a business plan or will you remember how horrible your group project members where? Take a step back and remember the latter.

7. Always remember: you’re smart..

Happy finals and have a great break!


Change is in OUR Hands!

There’s a different kind of climate change occurring in our world today, and it has nothing to do with the environment. The global climate has recently switched from steady to unruly. There have been 298 attacks before November 20 this year. We also can’t forget the attacks on campus as well, such as at the University of Missouri and Yale. These are including global terrorist groups and one-man attacks such a the Planned Parenthood attack in Colorado.

This post is not to recount the terrors of what’s happening globally. This post is to inspire us on the SSU campus to be agents of change. You may think, “I’m just a student, what can I do?” There are plenty of things you can do. You have more power than you think.


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These days, the battle to control the narrative happens in real time, and it involves anyone with a social media account.

– The L.A. Times

College students have done numerous campaigns to enact social change and combat this poisonous climate. What can you do as a student?  You can:

  • Write to your elected officials
  • Do a guerilla campaign on campus (think MASSPIRG’s chalk and signed sandwich)
  • Host an event to discuss these issues
  • Send money/help to refugees and victims

What will you do? Tweet @SSUECC what YOU can do to enact social activism on campus with the hashtag #SSU4Actvism.

The first step that you can take is attend the campus forum on the racial climate at SSU. Join the Diversity & Multicultural Affairs office along with SGA  to identify priorities,  create solutions, and move towards healing regarding the racial climate of the world and reduce racial tension.

The forum will be at Vets Hall at 3 p.m. on Monday, December 7.