The Student Involvement and Activities office at Salem State University plans numerous programs and offers a variety of services to SSU. Come visit us in Room 218 of the Campus Center! Or Follow us on Twitter @SSUECC , follow us on Instagram @ssuactivies, and Like us on Facebook at Salem State University: Student Involvement and Activities for more information!





We are also the blog of the Ellison Campus Center – the hub for activities on campus!


Managed by: Rebecca Jimenez, Alliane Hughes and Nikki Vergakes
We serve the college community through a variety of cultural, social, educational and recreational activities and programs.

Welcome to the new George H. Ellison Campus Center at Salem State University! The Campus Center is a great place to visit if you want to get more involved at Salem State. We serve the college community through a variety of cultural, social, educational and recreational activities and programs. Located in front of Alumni Plaza on North Campus, the Campus Center houses meeting and event spaces, spacious lounges, student organization offices and student services offices. Not only will you will be showing school pride and making your resume look better, you would also have the opportunity to make some new friends in the process. The Campus Center is also a great place to get some work done before, in-between, or after classes.

Basement Level
Groups & Clubs Room – Houses ten student organizations and a meeting room
Latin American Student Association
Learning Center Programs

Metro Room

Underground Room
The Log newspaper
WMWM radio station

Ground Level
Career Services
Counseling & Health Services

PEAR Program

Information Desk
Lounges including approximately 15 computers and wireless access
Student Government Association
Student Trustee
Winfinsky Art Gallery

Top Level
Asian Student Association
Campus Center Programs & Services
Florence Luscomb Women’s Center
The Alliance
Meeting and event spaces
The Center for Diversity and Multicultural Enrichment

Veterans Services
Program Council


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