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10 Reasons to be Thankful for Salem State University


1. Education and Experience: I am thankful for the education and experience given to me here at Salem State from its supportive staff of faculty members. I’ll be thinking of all of you when I cross that stage at graduation.

2. City of Witches: I am thankful to be located in Salem, MA, better known as, the City of Witches.  Because of you and all of the history you have, you make for an excellent conversation starter at national conferences with other colleges and universities. “Don’t know about the city of Salem? Let me tell you…”

3. Faculty: I am thankful for the faculty members at Salem State.  From the professors, to the advisers, to even the lovely ladies who serve at the university’s cafes, I am thankful for each one of you.

4. Shuttle Bus: I am thankful for the existing shuttle buses that do not judge my lazy legs when I need to get from Central Campus to North Campus. You may not always be on time, but you’re still there for me when I really dread walking in the cold or heat.

5. The New Frederick E. Berry Library: I am thankful for the new library located on North Campus.  With your beautiful architecture and awesome amount of seating and computers, you have encouraged me to actually enjoy going there and doing homework. My grades also thank you.

6. The New Harold E. and Marilyn J. Gassett Fitness and Recreation Center: I am thankful for the excellent addition to our university.  Now I really don’t have an excuse not to work out after Thanksgiving break.

7. Salem State Series: I am thankful for the chance to listen to high profile speakers during the Salem State Series. From  comedian, Jay Leno, to Sen. Cory Booker, their words of encouragement has continued to inspire me since the series began in 1982.

8. Salem State U-Nite: I am thankful to have a week-long celebration every end of October of the day our school became a university with fun and exciting events all over campus.  Not to mention the free food that’s provided along with these activities.

9. Student Involvement and Activities: I am thankful for the Student Involvement and Activities here at Salem State who has continuously offered an array of awesome events, like comedian shows and ice skating, to keep me entertained all semester long.

10. Salem State University: Lastly, I am thankful for Salem State University. I am thankful for everything that it represents and offers. We’re a growing community and it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come and how far we’ll continue to go.

From all of us here at Salem State University Student Involvement and Activities,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving


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My music is about more than just the songs. It’s about a mindset, a way of life, a pursuit of one’s dreams. I truly believe that each and every person, no matter where they are in life, can achieve what they want if they take the appropriate steps. Sure, it may require work, focus, patience, and the ability to overcome challenges, but it would not be as fulfilling otherwise.

-Caleb McGinn

14366c51a316a8320a8a9f24513a7618They say that college is the time in your life where you find yourself and what you want to do for the rest of your life.  And once you find that dream career, you take courses and learn the needed knowledge, skills, and experience to make that dream a reality.

Of course learning all of the necessary requirements for that dream job is important if you want to succeed in the future.  But what many students seem to forget is that it’s difficult to get far in anything if you lack the passion and drive for that certain career.

For Caleb McGinn, singer and songwriter, he is a firm believer that passion and following your heart is extremely important when it comes to what it is you want to do in life.

With a YouTube channel of over 1,000 subscribers and over 3,000 views on his videos of cover songs and originals, Caleb is continuing on his journey of making his dreams a reality despite any obstacles an up and coming artist may face.

From my experience, it seems as though many people get “stuck”, whether it be from preconceived notions or restrictions placed upon themselves by others or a lack of belief in their own abilities. Sometimes it is because people aren’t truly following their heart and doing what they love to do. Personally, I have tried out quite a few things in my short time here on earth. From different sports, to odd jobs here and there, and now to music, I’ve found that persistence and doing what you are passionate about can take you a long ways.

Starting out in a small town in Kansas to touring around the United States this year playing his hit songs such as “Bigger Picture”, Caleb is following his passion for music and performing and is on his way of making his dream of touring the entire world a reality someday soon.

Join Caleb McGinn on Monday November 25 at 8 pm in the Vets Hall at the Ellison Campus Center as he makes his debut at Salem State with a free and live performance!

To request accommodations, please contact the disability services office at 978.542.6217 or

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It’s the Season of Giving

From Thanksgiving to Hanukah to Christmas to so much more, the holidays have finally graced us with their presence!

But aside from all of the glitz and glam of the holiday season, it’s important not to forget what the core of these special days really means for everyone.  It’s the time to really care and show your love for those around you.  It’s the season of giving.


So before you make your wish list of what flashy and expensively extravagant gift you just can’t wait to have, let’s take a moment to actually appreciate what you already have.  Sometimes life can just get carried away and you seem to forget how lucky most of us all are.  We seem to forget that the holidays aren’t about gifts and shopping and parties, though advertisements seem to think otherwise.  We have to always remember that the holidays are all about giving, not just to friends and family, but to everyone.

Starting Saturday November 16th, Salem State will be providing its students many opportunities to get involved on campus and help give back to its community.

Saturday November 16:

  • SSU Community Service Day. It’s a day full of volunteering and giving back to local organizations from 10am to 2pm with transportation, lunch, and a t-shirt provided! Check-in will be on Central Campus in the Classroom Building (Bertolon) Cafe at 9:30am. For more information or to sign up by November 11, email! Also, remember to visit for updates on what projects are available for community service day!

Monday November 18:

  • Hannah Brencher: Writer. Millennial Communications Expert. Founder of
    Meet and listen to the words of wisdom from the woman who helped bring people together through the simple process of writing a letter this Monday November 18 at 11 am at The Underground!
  • From November 18-22, Salem State will be holding its Annual Holiday Food Drive with Haven From Hunger, sponsored by Salem State University Preschool Program and SGA Civic Engagement Committee.There will be boxes all over campus next week and in residence halls collecting food items such as cereal, tuna fish, canned soup, and so much more.

    Be a part of the Haven From Hunger mission and help to provide food to nearly 200 people a week in Salem and Peabody.

Wednesday November 20:

  • Help build homes with habitat for Humanity & SSU Community Service Group in the Kansas City, Missouri area this Spring Break! Attend the following meetings for more information on the trip that could change the lives of others!Wed. November 20: 6pm in ECC Room 220B
    Mon. November 25: 4:30pm in ECC Underground
    Tues. December 3: 5:30pm in ECC Room 220B

    Can’t make one of the meetings? Email for details

There will be many more opportunities coming your way to get involved on campus and help give back to the community during this holiday season and even beyond that.

To stay updated, Like us on Facebook (Salem State University: Student Involvement and Activities) and Follow us on Twitter @ssuecc

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Hannah Brencher Leadership Lounge Series


Noun: Writer. Speaker. Creative.

Hannah Brencher believes in the power of pen and paper, and has started a global initiative that encourages strangers to exchange love letters. Today she runs The World Needs More Love Letters, a letter exchange dedicated to connecting strangers across the globe through the art of letter writing


The Office of Student Involvement and Activities presents:

Leadership Lounge Series

Monday, November 18th 11 am at The UnderGround

In today’s technology, everyone is connected to one another through the simple click of a button.  From social media networking sites like Facebook to the use of emailing, every individual is connected with the help of the internet.

However, has technology completely phased out the old fashion way of writing a letter?  Has our society raised our noses to the thought of having to actually pick up a pen and write on a piece of paper instead of just quickly typing it down on a keyboard or keypad?  Critics believe that in another 20 years or so, a young generation of technology savy individuals will laugh in disbelief that a letter and pen was a way to communicate with one another.

Hannah Brencher’s mother always wrote her letters. So when she felt herself bottom into depression after college, she did what felt natural — she wrote love letters and left them for strangers to find. The act has become a global initiative, The World Needs More Love Letters, which rushes handwritten letters to those in need of a boost.

To Hannah Brencher, writing a letter is so much more than just an old fashion way of communicating to another person.  It’s much deeper than that.  When you take the time to write a letter to someone, it’s on a personal note.  It shows that person that you care because instead of typing out a quick hello email to them, you’re actually taking the time to write down your thoughts and feelings into words on paper.

They’re more than just letters. They are love letters.

Come to The Underground on November 18 at 11 am and hear more about Hannah Brencher and The World Needs More Love Letters.

Salem State Communiversity

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

-Winston Churchill


It’s been a little over 3 years since Salem State, the home of the Vikings, crossed the finish line of academic status and became a university.  And with each passing day, the students and faculty of Salem State make sure that it is a title that no one will forget.

We’ve come a long way from the small state college we once were.  With the finished construction of our new Frederick E. Berry Library and the new Harold E. and Marilyn J. Gassett Fitness and Recreation Center, our campus is still strengthening and expanding with each passing semester.

As our university continues to grow, it’s important that we as Vikings never forget our roots.  The community of Salem is so much more than a location in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”.  It is a city full of life, history, and creativity.  It comes as no surprise that our campus would reflect that.  Like the reflection in a mirror, who we are as a university is exactly the same mirrored image that we are as a community.

On Saturday November 16, 2013 Salem State is continuing its celebration of being a growing university by giving back to the city that was there from the beginning: Salem.  From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., volunteering students on campus will give back to many local organizations on and off campus.  These organizations include Lifebridge, Northeast Arc, My Brother’s Table, Plummer Home for Boys, Local Supermarkets, and even back at home at Central Campus.

It’s not just a day filled with volunteer work. Well, I suppose to some degree it is.  But, it’s so much more than that! It’s a day to show your school spirit, a day to come together as a university, and a day to give back to the community of Salem as well.

We’re not just Salem State University. We’re Salem State Communiversity.

For any fellow Vikings that are interested in volunteering, email by November 11 to sign up!