Post-Conference Inspiration: Now What?

If you’re a student leader, you probably know that thrilling feeling of inspiration pumping through your veins after an inspirational conference or talk. However, this fire doesn’t burn for long after the conference. It’s important to jot down your ideas before you dive back into the not as fun non-conference world. This short-lived inspiration can follow an event such as the one this weekend, the Student Leadership Conference. This weekend will be full of inspirational speakers that include students, business owners, professors, and staff. These speakers will discuss ways to be a better leader, a self-starter, and how to Leave Your Mark Through Change.


The feeling of inspiration after conferences such as these is comparable to a volcano. After, I just want to be a volcano that erupts positive change in my community. I feel like I want to do everything at once. Ideas flow like lava.

Not every idea can be brought to life at once, however we must use turn this lava flow into igneous rocks of change. Big rocks were sediments at one time, and all great ideas were mere outlines at times. Here’s some tips on what to do with post-conference inspiration.

  1. Write down all of your ideas.
  2. Talk to your fellow e-board members about your ideas
  3. Mark down perspective dates in your calendar for dates
  4. Meet with e-board members and come up with details for your ideas
  5. Eventually start taking steps to make the idea happen!

What’s a great event that you planned as a student org that was a result of #PostConferenceInspiration?


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