Find the Entrepreneurial Spirit


Do you know any entrepreneurs? What do they have in common? Common words to describe entrepreneurs include passion, perseverance,  hard work, and creativity. If an entrepreneur is doing it right, they love what they do. Why would you leave a stable office job and paycheck if you weren’t pursuing what you love?

Not only are entrepreneurs passionate self-starters, but they also are a very individualistic. Entrepreneurs are their own bosses for a reason. Research has shown that entrepreneurs are mainly protean career-oriented,  meaning they like to manage themselves. These protean-oriented people usually jump from job to job until they find what fuels their fire, and sometimes that means starting their own business.

As seen on Shark Tank, entrepreneurs can come in all shapes and sizes. Tonight, entrepreneurs will come in the shape and size of student organizations. Come to Alumni plaza from 5-7 to see what pitches for events by student organizations will get funded! Also, check out Roxy’s grilled cheese while you’re there. They will be serving 150 grilled cheese including tomato and cheese, bacon an avocado, pulled pork, and grilled cheese.


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