Career Fair Virtual Tour

“Career Fair” was a buzzword around campus yesterday thanks to Career Services’ undertaking in the Gasset Gym. “Are you going to the career fair?” was a frequently asked question, and most of the answers to it were yes! If you missed it, here’s a wrap up and some resources we garnered from Career Services to help you snag a job.


Career Services would like to thank Enterprise as their sponsor for this event.


Upon arrival to Gassett, there was a long line for student registration. After registering, you were given a map and a name tag.


Two tables were in front of the gym where the fair was held – a resume drop-off and a grad school table.

61ca9233-dec7-4a68-983a-50b987e2ccb9.png     b32c9521-3218-4097-9989-f57178beb1e2.png

If an employer couldn’t make it or you couldn’t make it to their table, there was a convenient resume drop off. If you were interested in taking your education to the next level at SSU, there was a table for that as well.


And we were off! There were so many tables to get information from. Big names included Walgreens, the FBI, Everett Public Schools, Wicked Local, and more.


If you needed a headshot for your LinkedIn, there was a convenient photo booth!e8422acf-6476-4996-affb-0618a77a9414.jpg

Ample connections were being made!

Missed the career fair? Here are some helpful resources!:


Learn about walk-in office hours

Make an appointment, get your resume looked over, or search job postings.


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