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#TBT: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary by Looking Back


What is it about anniversaries that make us want to look backward? In this case, it may be celebrating the accomplishments and relishing in the memories of years past. Up until 2003, Salem State published year books called “The Clipper” that documented the students, staff, faculty memories, and highlights of the year. What I liked the most about flipping through the Clippers is that every one is different. Not only are the students different, but also the content and organization change year to year. Here are some highlights:


In 1971, the campus felt like it was important to ring in the new decade. This seemed like it was a a very cool event!


These are the events of what senior weekend used to be! How do they compare to today?


Live music has always been a staple at Salem State.


SSU Students have always taken advantage of the ocean.


Arts have also been a cornerstone to an education at SSU. In the 70’s, they held an annual arts festival. Now, we are looking forward to the grand opening of the Sophia Gordon performing arts center.


The “Footlighters” were Salem State’s dramatic society.


The Salem State Log in the 1970s.

Were you there for any of these, or remember these memories?


Words Of Encouragement For Us Less-Sunny and Snowed-In

At first, everyone gets excited at the news of snow. School cancellations because of magical fluffy white stuff falling from the sky? How perfect! However, the more the snow piles up, the street space gets limited, and the parking spots get minimal, the whole idea of snow grows to be a bit less magical. Now I know why else didn’t want to build a snowman with Ana.

I could list the gripes for the snow build-up endlessly: snowed-in cars, no sidewalks, slushy walks to class, extra homework from teachers, having to shovel, etc. However, there’s been articles of southerners and westerners sending up northerners words of encouragement to help us (quite literally) trudge through this storm. With more snow on the way for Thursday through Monday, we will need these words of encouragement.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. “At least it’s not a Hurricane”


2. “Think about all the sunscreen you’re saving!”


3. On the bright side, you don’t have to be swimsuit – ready any time soon!


4. Think of all the festive instas about to come! #BlizzardForTheInsta.


5. Think of all the Netflix you’re about to watch!


6. Channel your inner Elsa!


7. I Love You, And Don’t Touch The Yellow Snow


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