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A Tribute to MLK, and All That He’s Known For

Martin Luther King, Jr. is the most known, beloved, and important figure in civil rights history. We have a whole day off of school for him, and here at SSU we have a whole day of service dedicated to him. Not to mention we have a whole room in our Campus Center named after him, of course. Even though he was instrumental in the progress of abolishing racial injustices, he was instrumental in volunteering in other causes, as well. The more you know about a great man, the more you appreciate him.


1. Education

King not only supported the civil rights for African Americans and other minorities, but he also wanted equal opportunity for education. He not only strove for equal opportunity in the streets, but also in the classroom. Someone can be as free as they want, but if they don’t have education, it’s not easy for them to move up in society. King is an important part of why everyone has access to this nowadays. If you would like to donate to education in King’s honor, you can donate to NAACP education here.

2. Economic Opportunity

Having rights and education comes with economic growth. Just like you can’t have rights without education, you can’t with education without a place to store, invest and spend your money. MLK fought for the equal economic rights as well. Seedco is a non-profit that provides economic support and opportunities for communities. Click here to support them in honor of MLK.

The MLK Day of service here is on Saturday from 9 AM – 3 PM in Vets Hall. It’s a day for,” students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members the opportunity to come together to assist nonprofit organizations in the area with critical projects.” To sign up to assist this event in honor of MLK, please fill out this form.

I Have a Dream..to be a Leader


A great man once said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

And on January 20, we celebrate that man: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s important that we realize and understand that this day means so much more than just a day off from school. It’s important that we remember that during this time, Dr. King witnessed and experienced the days of racial inequality where students of color were unable to sit wherever they pleased in a classroom, unlike today.  And it’s especially important that we see just how much of an impact Dr. King had on the lives of many.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an American pastor, an activist, a humanitarian, a father, and of course, a devoted leader in the African American Civil Rights Movement. His leadership role in the African American community led many to believe in the power of hope and dreams of one day reaching equal rights for all, despite what their skin color may be.

With patience, bravery, persistence, and trustworthiness, Dr. King proved to the world that anything is possible if you continue moving forward and never look back.

As the Spring Semester begins to roll in, let’s reflect and think of how you can use the traits of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in becoming a leader this year.

Patience: Change doesn’t happen overnight, as much as we’d like it to. It took many trials and errors for Dr. King to truly let the public know, understand, and believe in his message to end segregation in the United States. Be patient this semester with class3es and any organization you’re apart of on campus. It takes time to make changes, but in the end, it’ll be worth it.

Bravery: With so many against him in his fight towards his dream, Dr. King showed true bravery and an enormous amount of courage to stand up for what he believed in. Be the change you want to see. If you have an idea or a concern within your club, let your peers know.

Persistence: Despite the obstacles he encountered, Dr. King never gave up. To be a leader, you must be able to show that you really do believe in your dreams and that giving up is not an option. No matter how tough this semester may be whether it’s fund raising to attend National Conference or planning an event on campus, never give up.

Trustworthiness: Trust is one of the most important elements in a leader. Those who followed Dr. King knew the risks of the social changes he wanted to make in such a segregated country, and yet, they continued to stand by him because they trusted in his words and his actions. If you’re leading an organization this semester for the first time, always build a relationship with your peers first. Trust is the foundation of any successful organization.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader of his dreams and let the world know that he was going to make them into a reality.

What’s your dream this Spring Semester?





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