Uplifting Stories to Inspire us During Finals Week

Sometimes the best place to go for inspiration is outside of ourselves – especially during a time of high stress such as finals week. Inspiration can seem bleak when you’re looking from a library window. You look around, and realize who you are: you’re a 19-year-old college student. You’ve been in the library for seven hours now, living off of stale chips and desperation.

Go eat some food. Go drink some coffee. Then read this blog post for inspiration.

  1. Dear World on the Boston Marathon Bombingss-140411-dearboston-tease.today-ss-slide-desktop.jpg

As we all know, the Boston Marathon was a traumatic event for many. Some lost loved ones, some suffered serious injuries. Dear World, a non profit that recently visited SSU’s campus, asked some of the survivors if they would tell their story. As you can see, although this survivor lost her legs from the knees down, her “Dear World” story is that she is still standing and still beautiful.

Click above to see the full album of Dear World stories and pictures from Salem State University.

2. Who doesn’t love a good proposal video?

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 2.05.22 PM.png

From the Facebook page “How He Asked” comes this amazing proposal story. He planned an huge surprise for this teacher fiance, using people so near and dear to her heart: her students. After hearing what her students think love is – she saw it first-hand. Proposal videos are usually so cute that I cry – but at least this is crying at something besides finals! Who doesn’t need a good cry every once in a while?

.Dog Reunited with its puppies


Surviving a traumatic event, a proposal, and now PUPPIES?! This blog post is taking you through all the emotions today. This story is truly inspiring and it doesn’t hurt that it’s oh so cute. This dog mother was stressed about being displaced – until she was reunited with her puppies.

We hope that these beautiful stories inspire, or at least distract you from the stress of finals this week. However many tests and/or finals you have – you’ve got this! It’ll all be over in two short weeks– then comes a month of relaxation. See you in January!



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