Hannah Brencher Reminds Students Leaders that They’re Going to be Okay

Entrepreneur and writer Hannah Brencher shared with a group of SSU student leaders on the evening of Tuesday, September 27 that whenever she’s feeling anxious, she repeatedly tells herself that she’s okay. This advice isn’t telling yourself that you’re mediocre – it’s telling yourself that whatever you’re stressing over is temporary and things will get better.

“I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay..”

Brencher was the perfect speaker to talk to a group of student leaders that are just beginning a semester that will be full of fun and productive events and meetings – but also full of stress, uncertainty, and many things to balance nonetheless. Being a senior, her kind words helped ease my mind about figuring out what jobs to apply for as graduation approaches. Her approach on life was a mix of old-fashioned and progressive. While she studied and worked in the ever-changing communications industry, at the same time, she yearned for face-to-face communication and real conversations that our society lacks nowadays.


Brencher started the company “The World Needs More Love Letters in 2011” after an experience on the train commuting into work in NYC. She saw a distressed woman and wrote her a letter. She never gave it to her, but this experience made her realize that the world needs more love letters. She started writing people letters on her personal blog. In 2011, she launched this business and now its writers have sent over one million letters to those in times of need. It has reached all 50 states, 70 countries, and has a chapter on 70 college campuses.

The letters that have come from her company have touched millions of hearts. They’ve been sent to elderly people missing loved ones, cancer patients, and more. Brencher is an inspirational and barrier-breaking leader of her industry. She combines the handwritten and typed word to touch many lives.

This speech taught student leaders many lessons. For themselves, it teaches them that going back to basics can be therapeutic in times of stress. With that same idea, going back to a simpler time can advise us when we’re dealing with a crisis in our student organization. Sometimes we take a much-too-complicated approach on things. Stepping back, and putting things into perspective can help us govern any group under any dicey situation.

What Hannah Brencher advice will you use to lead your student organization?


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