10 Phases of a GrooveBoston Show

groove boston.jpg

In January 2015, the second semester started off with great vibes when GrooveBoston’s “Cohesion” tour came to campus. For hundreds of SSU students, the flashing lights, music, and being surrounded by good friends was better stress relief than five massages in a row. Going to one of these concerts, however, isn’t just a fun two to three hours. It’s an experience like no other. That’s why we’re going to document every different phase you will pass through at PROXIMITY on October 22 at the Twohig gym, in case you’ve never been and don’t know what to expect.

1. The Dashing Deal Finder

When SSU hosts these events, we always offer some great deals on tickets. The trick is getting to the info desk in the campus center to get the good deals. At this stage, it’s about one month out from the event and you’re gathering your friends to go. This means you may be buying multiple tickets. This planning is just starting to get you excited for the event!

Right now, we currently are selling the first 200 tickets for $10, and the second 200 for $15.


2. The Countdown

You count in days. You count in the amount of classes left. You count in episodes of American Horror Story. The countdown to PROXIMITY has begun!


3. The Outfit Panic

It’s a little less than a week to the show and you realize that you don’t have anything to wear! Who keeps neon-colored shorts and bandanas laying around their dorm? It’s probably time for a trip to Target! Why Target, you ask? Is that even a question?

4. The Planning Process

Now it’s time to coordinate everything – from when your out-of-town friends are getting here, where they’re staying, who can sign who in, and most importantly where are you ordering pizza from after??

5. Peaceful Preparation

Everything is coordinated and now there’s just the preparation for the night. You’re getting ready and getting excited. Listen to some jams to get pumped up, grab your tickets AND YOUR SSU ID AS WELL AS YOUR LEGAL STATE ID, and go!

6. The Journey to O’Keefe

Don’t get me wrong – getting to O’Keefe is a journey in and of itself. Will you wait for the shuttle? Will you take an Uber? Will you brave the cold and just walk there? Getting there can be half the fun!


7. Sweet Relief

FINALLY! You made it in. You’re taking in the lights, music, and friends. Take a deep breath and dance.

8. The Endurance Race

How many hours can you last dancing? Can you out-dance your friends? Perhaps you challenge a new friend that you met to a dance-off. You never realize how much dancing brings people together.

9. Way Better than a Zumba Class

Who would’ve thought you’d get a workout on a Saturday night? Sure, Zumba classes are great to take at Gassett, but you’re soon realizing that this is a workout like none other.


10. HUNGER!!!

You’ve danced your heart out, and now it’s time to eat your heart out. There are many places around here that you can order pizza from after the show – and many take ClipperCash! Domino’s and Sammy’s are open until 2 AM! After a night of dancing and fun, reward yourself with some eats, and play the waiting game until the next huge event at SSU!



REGULAR PRICING AFTER FIRST 400: Students $20, Guests $25

All students must show their clippercard, all guests must show their legal ID

Twohig Gym in the Gassett Fitness Center!
Doors open at 10, close at midnight




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