Career Worksheet to Assist the Pre-Graduation Panic

Whether you’re an anxious senior starting to imagine the “real world”, or an excited freshman thinking about your future, there’s never a bad time to think about your career path. Even if you’re already working within your career, you still have to figure out the path that will lead you to your destination. Will you stay with your current company and work your way up? Will you hop around from company to company? Will you own your own business, or become a consultant?

Picking a major and/or minor is like picking a path that may eventually lead to what you are going to do with your life. No pressure or anything. You can easily pick a major and minor (if your degree allows) by answering a few introspective questions.

The goal of choosing a career path is to hopefully end up in a profession that matches your passion. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Do something that you love”?

32ee236fd2af06f63a8dbfe4f119e834.jpgimage source

Some careers are easy to match with a passion. Love dancing? Be a professional dancer or dance instructor. Love art? Become an artist or art teacher. Want to help others? That’s a bit more tricky. You can help people by becoming a teacher, social worker, higher education faculty, psychologist, police officer and so much more!

Thankfully, the professional development blog, The Prepary, has a “career brainstorming worksheet” for you to fill out! You can either print it from these pictures or download it here. Hopefully you finish it with a clearer idea of the direction you might want to take in the future, and how you can use your time here at Salem State to get you there!


After you’ve done some introspection, it’s time to act on it! Visit the Majors and Minors Fair on October 11th in Vets Hall from 3-5 pm to see your future in action.



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