Advice for Starting College from the Stars of the 2016 VMAs

On Sunday, August 28, the MTV Video Music Awards gave us some of the most iconic VMA moments since Miley’s 2013 VMA performance. However, unlike Kanye running for president, Miley twerking, Kanye stealing Taylor Swift’s limelight, or Britney and Madonna’s unforgettable statement, the memories made at this year’s VMAs were progressive and political.

The main hosts – Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele of Key and Peele as well as the various hosts across the auditorium including Nicole Byer and Jay Pharoah made a very diverse cast. Kanye attempted to make a statement about the racial climate of our country. Stong females were honored all night long. A makeup-free Alicia Keys made a nod to MLK.

As we enter the school year, some of us are embarking on new adventures. Let’s use some key moments from the VMAs to inspire us as we dive into this school year!

Advice for this school year brought to you by the celebrities of the VMAs:

1.Walk into the room like you own it.


2. Make sure the squad is always on the same page.


3. Staying in shape is important.


4. Attack every project with enthusiasm


5. Take on a leadership role

6. Be prepared for to avoid surprises

7. Always have business casual clothes ready


8. Do your homework, go to rehearsal, go to meetings, and go to practice.


 And most importantly:




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