U-NITE Wrap-Up

Monday, October 26, was U-NITE. It was a special first day of Orange Crush week, because we celebrated SSU being a University for five years! Go SSU! Fiiiiive golden years! How did we celebrate? By throwing the biggest all-day, campus-wide party this side of the north shore. The day included pumpkin carving, ice cream, whoopee pies, an open mic night, ice skating, free swim, and more. Here is a wrap-up of the day through the eyes of our snapchat, @salemstate.


The Student Commuter Association started the day with free donuts, coffee, and treats in the library.


SSU sure knows how to eat.


SSU sure knows how to throw a party.


Pumpkin carving combined U-Nite and halloween festivities.


Students stuffed their furry friends and dressed them with Salem State University t-shirts.


President Meservey chatted with students, staff, and faculty at the ice cream social.


The Music Society hosted an open mic / costume contest at the Starbucks in the spirit of U-Nite and halloween!


All the characters were out to play at the costume contest. Some costumes included Sims characters, minions, a squirrel, and Louise from Bob’s Burgers.


Spirit squad and UAT performed at the U-Nite party in Okeefe from 8-11 p.m.


Where could you swim and ice skate at the same place? The U-NITE celebration at Okeefe all night! I heard our dean of students has some sick moves.

If you have your tickets, see you at the Fall Concert featuring Rae Sremmurd and Special Guests tonight! Stop by the interactive village from 1-3 p.m. in lower north dining to meet KANEHOLLER!


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