Ways To Get Ahead This Summer

Summer is definitely a time to kick back, however with all of your free time now, perhaps using it to get a head start is a good idea. While you’re reconnecting with old friends, you may disconnect from all your good study habits you’ve discovered over the year. Just a little effort this summer may save you a bunch of time this school year. Listed below are some ways to get ahead and use your time wisely this summer.

1. Read A Book You’ve Been Meaning To


Those students that have time to work, study, play, AND read books have acquired a sense of balance that most of us have yet to achieve. Dear super-balancers, we applaud you. However, for those of us that haven’t achieved that balance yet, the summer is for us. What’s on your reading list? Mine includes Grace’s Guide Book, Women in Clothes (finishing) and HerCampus’s book.

2. Write

penpaper_sqpicaThis falls in the same category as above. Those who have time to creatively write during the hustle and bustle of the school year have a special gift. Writing during the downtime can sharpen your writing skills, build your creativity, and inspire you for future work. Like to write poems? Write poems! Like to write short stories? Write short stories! Maybe even start that novel you’ve been meaning to.

3. Intern


Summer is a great time to get an enriching internship experience. You can focus on your internship way more because the background noise of school is not bothering you. Students from SSU are interning at the State House, State Street Corporation, CGPR, and more this summer. It’s not too late, there are places still looking for summer interns.

4. Work on your Groups/Clubs 

If you’re taking on a position as a student leader, summer is the time to get the ball rolling. If your job is to create social media accounts, start them. If you have to make emails, send those emails. Brainstorm about events and work towards planning them.

What big plans do you have for this summer?


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