SSU Groups Do More Than Get Social

Groups and Organizations did more than get social this year, they actively participated in social change! Social Activism was a major theme on campus this year for groups and clubs. Putting on fun events and parties are just one way that student organizations help out on campus. Giving back to the community is another! Who said living simply so others can enjoy the fun isn’t a party in itself?

According to – a blog supplement of TED talks that focuses on social change and ideas that need to be spread – we’re at a point of crisis in our country. Everyday citizens need to be more educated on the issues of today, and how to advocate for them. Those with “clout” a nowadays are the only ones that know how to do this. Basically, those with the power are making all the changes. However, Student Organizations this year worked on teaching the SSU student body about how to enact social change, by leading my example.


Student Orgs had no trouble defining social change, however here is a definition for us that need a little clarity:

Social change refers to any significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms. By “significant” alteration, sociologists mean changes yielding profound social consequences. advises its readers to understand five simple concepts before they go about enacting social change. Our students groups and organizations this year sure did know these five concepts this year when they did their social activist projects. They seamlessly combined fun and social change. Our students groups and organizations mastered these five concepts: Understand the system, Identify your objective, sharpen your strategy, tell a story, and practice.

After our student leaders grasped those concepts, they were ready to enact social change. However, what is an example of social change? Here is what SSU and Student leaders were up to this year:

Social Activism



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