Welcome Back, Let’s Count Down!

Welcome back from break! These 9 weeks after spring break are always the fastest of the school year. Just went you realize how fast the year went, it goes faster. Now, your mind is in the zone of finals, final projects, elections for the next year, and summer internships. A professor of mine compared the feeling of this month to riding a bike downhill with no brakes. That is, until you hit the wall at the bottom of the hill called summer! Now, that’s a wall I want to hit. I thought I’d give you important dates of end-of-the-year festivities for a reminder.Countdown

If you were curious about how many days you have left until that Political Science final, when your portfolio is due, or maybe when you leave for the beach for Memorial Day weekend, here is the number of days left. We’re not counting down or anything…

Countdown Days

Mark your calendars!


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