#ThisGirlCan – Thoughts to Prepare for the Women’s Leaderships Conference

This Girl Can celebrates the women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get. They’re here to inspire us to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome. #thisgirlcan

Above is the description for the Youtube video above that, titled “#ThisGirlCan”. The #ThisGirlCan Campaign is a series of YouTube videos that empower women to do their thing no matter how they look doing it. I love the message inside of that statement, which is you’re the only person that should care about how you look. Don’t let the judgement of others affect what you do and how you do it. In summary, do you!

This message can, of course, be relevant to men as well. However, with the standards that the media and society places on women to be slim-figured, curvy, and overall perfect, it’s refreshing for women to hear this message. If you want to be curvy, do it for you. If you want to be thin, do it for you! If you want to wear footie pajamas to school, do you and do it because YOU want to!

Sometimes it’s the fear of disapproval or rejection from others that stops us from doing something we want to. This is a phenomenon that psychologists call external regulation. Though it’s a psychological force, if we truly embrace our “flaws” and count them as quirky character traits that we love about ourselves, we can turn the social stigma on their heads. That’s what I tell myself after I’m dripping in sweat after every SurfSet class, or during every five mile run in eighty degree weather.

I love how flab, curves, and sweat are embraced in this video. Instead of saying, “I’m sweating like a man,” we should be happy about how hard we just worked out, and how good we feel. The women used in this video are real life women. They’re not “realistic” models who are still hand-picked, or the best of the worst. They’re raw, hard-working, realistic examples of women busting their booties.

Have you registered for the Women’s leadership conference on Monday yet? Register here: https://fs19.formsite.com/SSU_SIA/form36/index.html


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