Life Lessons From The Great Gatsby (Spoilers Included)

After high school lit classes, we can all recite the themes, symbols, and motifs from The Great Gatsby (or is that just me?). To me, The Great Gatsby is an accessible, relatable, classic American novel. If you’re not attracted to the book like Gatsby is attracted to the green light on Daisy’s dock, then you’re probably attracted to the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties scenery. Who can resist vivid images of champagne showers, sparkly dresses, loud music, and fruitful conversations? If you didn’t read the book, you probably saw the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio and all. No wonder Program Council wanted to make their Winter Ball Gatsy-themed!

For your entertainment, and to prepare for tonight’s Winter Ball, here’s some lessons we should all take from Gatsby’s story.

1. Optimism is a noble trait, sometimes to a fault.


Passion and optimism, if guided in the right direction, can be a very useful thing. However, it can turn out to be your fatal flaw.

2. If you’re going to buy a swimming pool, at least use it more than once.


The summer is three months up here for a reason, right?

3. Spend your money wisely.


It may have seemed like Gatsby was wasting his fortune on all those large parties, but he was actually using them to get Daisy’s attention. Whoever said “love don’t cost a thing” was wrong. Maybe if Gatsby spent his money on something more productive, he would have more real friends, a real relationship, and perhaps a family. Money may buy you friends – but not quality ones.

4. Drive cautiously.


You really never know who’s going to jump into the road, especially at night.

5. It’s hard to leave the past in the past.

For someone who focuses so much on the past, Gatsby didn’t really set himself up for a nice future, or a future at all.

Gatsby may never have been able to be with Daisy, but you can still have a fun time tonight at Winter Ball. Have a blast everyone who’s going!


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