A Year Of SSU

The round up the year, the music streaming service Spotify posted a “Year in Music.” They highlighted some of the top albums, artists, and new genres of 2014. Ed Sheeran boasted the top male artist as well as having the top album “X” of 2014. The top song we listened to on Spotify in the winter was “Happy”, and the top song of the summer was “Magic.”

Even though it’s nice to look back on music of the year, it’s even better to reassess what you accomplish. This inspired me to curate a “Year of Salem State” review, with our top moments, events, and breakthroughs of 2014 including this semester and last semester.

Top Events:

  1. U-NITE
  2. What She Said
  3. Casino Night
  4. WMWM Concerts
  5. Johnny Cupcakes – Leadership Weekend Conference

anigif_enhanced-buzz-22469-1374250351-40 479703_10153181325710410_7045114375309829568_n


  1. Construction of Viking Hall
  2. Construction of new science labs
  3. Salem Diner Reopening




  1. Public Service,
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Blood Drives

We hope you enjoyed these last two semesters as much as we did. If you’re a freshmen, we hope you’ve enjoyed your first semester, and look forward to all your next ones. To start and end the post on the idea of music, here’s the 2014 “United State of Pop” mash-up, which incorporates the top songs of 2014.


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