Five Cool Places to Go For Winter BreakThat Aren’t By The Fireplace

There’s nothing wrong with going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house for the holidays. There’s also nothing wrong with going back home and snuggling with your dog all break. The holidays are meant to be relaxing, reviving, and maybe even a bit fattening. However, for some, far-off islands of the Mediterranean, Asia, or the Pacific are just as relaxing and reviving as a couch. Here are five cool places that people have spent the holidays.


1. Panama

Panama is a beautiful destination surrounded by two coasts – one carribean and one Pacific. According to “Were What In The World”, a travel blog, it’s affordable for the holidays and New Years. White sandy beaches aren’t far from offshore islands.


2. Columbia

The holiday spirit doesn’t skip over Columbia. The country’s Caribbean coast is hailed and one of the world’s treasures. Columbia also boasts, “many small boutique hotels, including luxury lodgings, plus interesting shops, sidewalk cafes, and loads of fine dining.”


3. Malaysia

For those who find golf relaxing, Malaysia has 17 golf courses. For those who are adventurous, the country is also home to 200 species of birds, offers hiking trails and monkey-watching. The country has been described to have a laid-back vibe


4. Hawaii

Whenever I think about mixing Christmas with Aloha, I think of Mad Men. Don and Meghan went there one holiday. Down in Hawaii, the surf and the holiday cheer are at an all-time high. Hawaiian residents are just as excited for the season as us northerners.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 3.00.08 PM

5. Australia

Did you lose your christmas spirit? You may need to look Outback. Christmas is smack dab in the peak of the summer holiday down under. What’s better than Christmas and the beach?

Personally, I’ve always stayed home for the holidays. Do you travel anywhere funky for the holidays?



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