Salem State University’s Big Fat Greek Recruitment

imagesIt’s no secret that Greek Life is growing here at Salem State University. Currently, there are two fraternities: Alpha Sigma Phi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon and one sorority: Phi Sigma Sigma. On Wednesday, November 5th the sorority “Theta Phi Alpha” presented their case to make a colony, and eventually a chapter here at Salem State University.

With the recent addition of greek life housing at Bates this year, and the increase visibility of greek life overall on campus, an addition of a new sorority would further the expansion of greek life here. Being a part of greek life can help students gain leadership, networking, and many more skills that are very viable in the workforce. Lifelong friendships and bonds are one of the most valuable resources you can gain. Build your resume, build your character, build your life.

Theta Phi Alpha has been an official sorority since 1912. With their beginnings being a group for Catholic Women at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Theta Phi Alpha is dedicated to building the leadership, social, networking, philanthropical, educational, and spiritual skills of their members. Though they haven’t had any religious ties since 1968, the sorority holds their members to strong moral values.

Here are the patron symbols of Theta Phi Alpha:

Theta Phi Alpha

If SSU accepts Theta Phi Alpha, they will start pushing PR and recruitment here on campus until the holidays. After break, leadership will arrive on campus to provide information sessions and recruiting. In February, as recruitment continues, the official colonization ceremony will take place. There will also be a meal with a big sister chapter, for example the chapter at Suffolk University.  In March, they will hold one philanthropic event and one fundraiser.

What do you think? Do you think SSU should have a “Big Fat Greek Recruitment” and accept Theta Phi Alpha?


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