Twas a sleepy Sunday morning, and all through Salem State

As students awoke, they yelled, “This is great!”

What they were referring to was the sky

Flurried with snow

All the campuses were covered

There was nowhere to go

What every would the students do?

With the road conditions so bad

Do they binge on Netflix?

That Sunday was the best they’ve ever had

Maybe you didn’t have quite the snowy Sunday explained in the poem, however SSU did have its first “snowfall” here on Sunday. It didn’t stick, however snow flurries mixed with rain did make for quite a treacherous15280_full morning. Some brave souls (me) left their rooms solely for Bagel World. However, what can you do when it’s even too snowy to leave your dorm? Here’s some fun things to do when the New England weather acts up, thanks to an article form HerCampus.

1. Card and Board Games – Get your whole floor or pod involved! A game of Cards Against Humanity can change any bad day around.

2. Rearrange your furniture. – Instead of getting stir crazy, get organized! Is there something you’ve always wanted to do with your room but haven’t had the time? You have it now!

3.  Play around with makeup looks.

4. Start a new show on Netflix. – This one is the go-to. You could burn through a whole season in a day!

5. Play around with recipes.  – If you’re in a dorm and not a suite, try mug cakes, they come in hundreds of sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors.

6.  Clean up your social networks. – Something that you need to do but don’t always have to time for it. Take down any pictures with alcohol, drugs, or anything offensive. Make all of your profile pictures the same for every website, clean up and perfect your bios, and maybe even schedule some good content for your twitter!

7. Call someone your love. – It could be your grandmother, parents, significant other, or anyone you miss and want to catch up with!


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