UNITE Wrap-Up #SSUOrangeCrushWeek

Thursday, October 23 2014 was Salem State University’s 4th anniversary of becoming a university. SSU celebrates in style with a day-long celebration called “U-NITE.” U-NITE is a great day to not only bring our campus community closer and get them involved, but it’s also a great way to increase viking pride!

Upgrading to a university is a big step for the school itself, students, and faculty. This step deserves a day-long celebration. Wouldn’t you want to celebrate furthering your status and being able to help students further themselves and their futures? I would want to celebrate every day, not just one day.

Let’s recap all the fun we had!


Airbrushed hats are soooo in now…


This whoopie pie has some serious Viking Pride!


How long can you ride the bull for?



Can you hit BlackJack?


Poker Night!

Stay tuned to see who won the #SSUOrangeCrushWeek Instagram contest! Make sure to follow @SSUECC on twitter and @ssuactivites on Instagram.


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