It’s Never Too Early to Start A Business

You may feel like a mere college kid heating up mac ‘n’ cheese in his dorm room when you look at the success of the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, however they started in the same place as you. The best part about being involved in college is that you gain experience as part of a team, or even being a leader of that team. College is the part in your life where your creative juices are flowing and you’re exposed to so many ideas and opportunities. Who said you have to graduate to being being an entrepreneur?


Mark Zuckerberg in college, while he was creating a multi-billion dollar website we know and love today (Facebook).

Here’s 9 huge companies that originated as college start-ups:

  1. Google  – Stanford Unversity
  2. TIME Magazine – Yale University
  3., University of Virginia
  4. – Williams College
  5. Napster, Northeastern University
  6. FedEx, Yale University
  7. Microsoft, Harvard University
  8. Dell Inc, University of Texas
  9. Facebook, Harvard University


 College entrepreneurs are more common than you think. Could you join the ranks of Bill Gates? By working hard, and being a student leader of a group or organization here at SSU you sure can! You don’t have to start the next music streaming service or supermarket, but you can start designing cool hats, create a blog, or do whatever your heart desires. Be your own boss, and you’ll live like a boss. By obtaining a leadership position here in any club such as SGA, AMA, PRSSA, STE, or any group that you find interesting will help you grow your business and network. Before you go write your business plan, here’s a song all about being a boss:


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