Why the Apple is Fall’s Favorite Fruit

When it comes to fall, what fruit comes to mind? Pineapple-picking and sipping on mango cider aren’t fall staple activities unfortunately (however they would be fun).  It’s apples! I was biting into a juicy Macintosh apple as I was getting inspired to write this post. Naturally, I then wanted to indulge on some hot apple cider donuts.


The apple is one of the earliest cultivated fruits.They originated from small, sour crab-apples and have transformed from cross pollination into the larger, sweet delicacies we enjoy today. In the 13th century BCE, an Egyptian Pharoah cultivated apples along the Nile River Valley, and they quickly spread to the Rhine Valley, then set out for world domination. William Blackstone, an early settler also brought a bag of apple seeds over from Europe to Massachusetts. These seeds were planted in Beacon Hill in Boston as well as in Rhode Island. No wonder why apple specialties are such a fall staple for us New Englanders, they originated here!

Apples are known as “the cream of the autumn crop.” Next to pumpkin and anything concerning pumpkin spice, of course (according to Starbucks). It’s cultivated in the Northern Hemisphere in the fall and winter season. Now, there’s 7,500 varieties of this healthful fruit.



Need a fall activity fix? Here’s some fall activities and events around the area:

Apple Picking – Russell Orchards

Fall foods, rides, games, and animals – Topsfield Fair

Rides, thrills, and haunts  – Canobie Lake Park Screemfest

Corn Maze – Connors Farm


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