Clubs Get A Bite of Funding From Shark Tank

Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 17, Shark Tank takes over Alumni Plaza in front of the Ellison Campus Center here at SSU from 5-7 PM. If you’ve ever had a dream of a student organization putting on an awesome programing (What, you don’t dream about programming?), then this event is for you.

Just like on the hit TV show “Shark Tank”, members of various clubs on campus will pitch their program idea and budget to a panel of faculty and staff. The “judges” will then compromise how much the group or club will receive.




What’s even better is you won’t go hungry like a shark during this event! Food trucks will be serving grilled cheese and whoopie pies from local vendors. Just a little something to sink your Jaws into.


While we get pumped for the event tomorrow, how about we check out these awesome products that went on the market thanks to the investors from “Shark Tank.”


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.42.07 PM


nuts ‘n more peanut butter – This protein-packed peanut butter comes in seven varieties (regular, toffee crunch, chocolate almond, chocolate peanut, pumpkin spice, cinnamon raisin, and almond butter). It not only includes all natural peanuts, but it also includes healthy flax seeds for digestion. It’s a fun way to get more out of your peanut butter.  $10.99 USD per 16 ounces.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.47.56 PM


pursecase – This is one of my favorites – probably because when I watched the episode, the developers said they worked in PR and I’m a PR major… do bias. However this #StylinAndDialin’ iPhone holder is a stylish mini case that holds your phone, wallet, money, etc. It’s a chic carryall. $15-$35 USD.




DrainWig – Developed by a mother with a love/hate relationship with long hair, the DrainWig prevents all hair from being caught down the drain in the shower. It also prevents chemicals from falling down the drain. $12.98 USD per pack.


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