5 Reasons Why Salem State University is Taking Over The World



When you see our school’s logo what runs through your mind? Witch trials? Your happy place? Schoolwork? Your friends? Salem State University means a lot of different things to different people, however soon it will on everyone’s minds. The improvements that this institution has undergone in the past few years are immense. Some are big and noticeable, some are smaller, however no matter the size they are all huge stepping stones for this university. Each improvement is another reason to have peace of mind that you chose a great university! Here are five big stepping stones the university has taken in the past couple years.


1. Becoming a “University”

When SSC became SSU, it became a. one of the biggest state schools in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and an important part of the north-of-Boston community. As a University, SSU now offers degrees from different “colleges” in the university (such as the college of arts and sciences, the college of health and human services, etc). Your education here is comprehensive, in-depth, and adaptable to a global world.

2. The Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons



Not only does the library have a wide variety of books for research, it also has silent study rooms with dry-erase walls, and numerous computers for private study. There is also a librarian for every department that is there to help you do research and learn more about your discipline.

3. The Gassett Fitness Center


The Gasset Fitness Center has state-of-the-art cardio and muscle machines, free weights, mats, and more. There is also a gym for basketball and dodgeball games. One of the coolest features is the free fitness classes including Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, SurfSet, and Total Body Conditioning.

4.  The 1000 reasons campaign

The 10,000 reasons campaign is the University’s first ever comprehensive campaign. It’s basically explaining why SSU is taking over the world. What are some reasons? Well, you’re one, your roommate is one, and all of your professors are, too! The goal of the campaign is to raise $25,000, and so far it has raised $16,000.

5. FirstYear Seminar

SSU is all about helping our First Year students. The FYE office makes it it’s mission to help first year students transition. They implemented the First Year Reading Experience, and now they’ve implemented the “First Year Seminar.” This is a seminar class that is part of the new General Education curriculum. An example of a seminar class is “Your SSU Education And Your Future (And Maybe Student Debt).”


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