Getting Involved: The Stepping Stone to Success

Imagine you could have a group of friends where you all share one common interest and work for common goals. Wouldn’t that make life so easy? Well, you can get just that by joining a group or club on campus.

Freshmen year can be overwhelming, good or bad, between school and adjusting. However if you get involved you’ll meet people that are in your same situation. Now, where exactly can you go about doing this? The Groups and Clubs fair on Monday, from 11-1 at Alumni Plaza in front of the Ellison Campus Center.


Need more convincing? Here’s a list of awesome celebrities that got involved in college. Look where it got them!

Tori Burch was an Kappa Alpha Theta, and now she’s designing the cutest shoes around.

Jennifer Gardner was a Pi Beta Phi, and now she’s taking over the silver screen.

When you head to the involvement fair, make sure you take a selfie! Take selfies with your favorite groups including MASSPIRG, PRSSA, MSA, LASO, or more. When you take your selfie, upload it on instagram, hashtag #StudentLifeSelfie and tag us @ssuactivites. The account with the most selfies will win limited edition T shirts!


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