5 Things To Do On Campus That Are Better Than Hiding in Your Room

The first week of school as a freshman can easily be the most terrifying and exciting time in your life. In one day you’ve gained a double life: one at home and one at school. Luckily for you, you’ve chosen a school that makes sure that no freshman is in distress in their new life here. The first few weeks of school are full of events from the beginning to the end of the day. If you’re not bored, you’re not missing home, right?


However, sometimes it’s still hard to mix and mingle. I’m here to remind you that there’s things that are still mores scary than social interaction, no matter how terrifying it does sound.

1. Laying on the quad

Yes, laying on your bed is the best thing after a long day, however there’s no chance of you getting a nice tan. Bring your roommate,a towel, and some sunglasses our to the Marsh quad and soak up the sun. Laying down in the open gives you a better chance of meeting some new friends to join your picnic party.


2. Hanging out in the lounge.

The lounges in your dorm are there for a reason! Bring some food, a good movie, and friends will flock. Who knows who you might have deep conversations about life with, or who will become your new best friend!

3. Going to an event!

You’ll get more freebies in college than you would if you won the lottery. Welcome week block parties, cookouts, and movie nights will keep you fed for a whole week between the school-served food and the donation from food trucks. This year there’s even free haircuts, yes, haircuts!

10469085_569109143206412_8808123767214740199_n4. Seeing a performer.

Usually if you want to see a singer or comedian you have to pay big bucks for a ticket. However SSU has them frequently for either free or at a steep discount.

5. Join a club or group.

Joining a club or group is like instant friends. If you join a group that centered around a major, hobby, or interest, you’re guaranteed to have a lot in common! Not only can joining a group make you cool friends, it can help you gain job and leadership skills.

Doesn’t that all sound a lot more fun than staring at the ceiling? If you do some of these things maybe you can find some friends to stare at that ceiling with you. Have a great first week at SSU, everyone!


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