Make the Changes You Wish to See on Your Campus

Let your voice be heard and make a difference here at Salem State University and the experience of your college life by joining the Student Government Association!

Student Government Association represents the students on this campus in all matters that impact the student body. We also support and help all other groups and clubs.

Our Mission:


The students of Salem State, through the representatives they elect, form a workable student government, promote student justice by ensuring the rights and liberties of all students, and demonstrate professional ethics within a democratic system. SGA also provides services to students such as funding all student organizations with money collected from the student activity fee.


The Important Role of the SGA:

The Student Government Association board is a group of elected representatives of the Salem State student body.  We understand and know the needs and wants of our student body because we are students as well.  Our association is committed to serving the students and helping to solve the concerns students bring to the attention of SGA.

Ultimately, the SGA is the sole voice of the students to administration, faculty and legislators.  

Current Executive Board:

  • President:Jobita Rodriguez-Rios
  • Vice-President: Rosviny Felix
  • Treasurer: Dylan Davis
  • Secretary: Lucibele Delgado
  • Asst. Treasurer: Luis A. CorreaGarces

How to Join the SGA:

Are you a full time student? Have you actively attended 3 SGA meetings? Do you want to make a change on your campus?

Then nominate yourself to be a part of the Student Government Association Executive Board OR become an active Senator!

If interested about the position, Election Packets will be in and available on March 4th in our Student Involvement & Activities Office here on the Ellison Campus Center.

  • Reach the SGA via email at or by telephone at 978.542.6447. You can tune into the SGA Hour on Salem State’s own radio station, WMWM 91.7 FM on Fridays from 3-4 pm. We meet every Tuesday at 4:30 pm in the MLK Room of the Ellison Campus Center. All meetings are open, and students are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Join now and let your voice be heard!


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