College Student Approved: Holiday Gift Guide of Under $20

With finals right around the corner, it seems as if the life of a college student is circulated around nothing but textbooks, papers, and projects. How extremely stressful!

But with finals coming soon, that could only mean two things: Christmas is well on its way and Winter Break is almost here.

Of course with all of the studying and running around campus trying to get everything done before its due date, and not to mention the lack of sleep (baggy eyes are not cute by the way), it’s hard to even think about the long awaited holidays, especially the shopping for gifts that it entails.

Do not fret fellow Vikings! Take a break from the books and check out this holiday gift guide to give that special someone in your life! To make it even more sweet, everything listed is UNDER $20!

For the Beauty Guru


Tarte Thoughtful Treasures Best-Sellers Set, $19, available at Sephora

For the Organizer


Desk Butler Organizer, $14, available on

For the Astronomer


Constellation Mug, $12.95, available on

For the Baker


Folk Flora Rolling Pin, $18, available on

For the Star Wars Fan


Star Wars Mirnobot USB Flash Drive, $19.99, available on

For well, Any Girl


Forever 21 Hey Girl Notepad, $9.80, available at Forever 21


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